QRCode Website - Direct connection to your mobile friendly websites. Smart barcodes for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Website QRCode Generator

A service to generate qrcodes for mobile devices with a qrcode scanner application to connect directly to your mobile friendly websites. TIP: Check if your website is suitable for small screen devices by using the 'mobile website readiness check'.

Website URL:

Valid URL formats are:

  • www.steeman.org
  • http://www.steeman.org
  • https://www.steeman.org

Important for website QRCodes

Make sure your website is suitable for mobile devices and smartphones before using QRcodes. These devices hav small screens and the only way to navigate is via a 'fat finger'.

Use mobile phone emulators to check if your website is suitable for smartphone use. Below are four emulators you can use to confirm your website is mobile friendly.

Android Mobile Website Emulator

iPhone Mobile Website Emulator

Nokia Mobile Website Emulator

BlackBerry Mobile Website Emulator

Other on-line QRCode generators

Link display and printed collateral to on-line interactive Internet content using qrcodes. A selection of free qrcode generators for non-commercial use.