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The and code samples below are listed by project category to which they belong.

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IIS IP Blocking

Fast memory cached inbound request IP scanner to redirect or reject IP numbers based on an (automatically) editable XML file structure. (

Bad Spider Trapping

How create and setup a bad spider trap to catch scrapers and bad robots and search engines who do not abide by and adhere to common Internet rules. (

PDFLib_dotnet Element Rotation

Postscript uses a different co-ordinate system than most other graphics applications. How to place rotated elements in a PDF document using center point rotation. (

TCP IP Remotting

Sample TCP IP Server and client implemented to interface with remote complex non-Internet facing processes. Ability to allow simple web interfaces to connect, initiate and command and leverage private enterprise processes in a protected managed manner. (

Unique Product Creation

Allow shoppers to configure and create unique personalized products via 3rd party services. Display the creative products (in 3D), create unique product SKU's and enable ordering via WordPress and Woocommerce.. (PHP)

Spider Wasp

IIS7 .NET4.0 routine to stop known and user agent identifiable robots, spiders and other forms of automation against your website. Reduces bandwidth, helps prevent theft and information abuse. (

Busting Bad Hosts and Data Centers

IIS7 .NET4.0 routine to prevent access to your information for IP addresses belonging to known bad hosting providers and data centers. Stops traffic irrespective of the IP addresses used. (

XML feed to dynamic MS SQL database tables

A class able to process an Internet XML feed and turn it into a dynamic on demand Microsoft SQL database. This example shows to consume the Open ICEcat product information catalogue and turn it into a local MS SQL database.

Arduino ATTiny AVR Morse code call sign generator

Arduino code to program the ATTiny AVR, an eight pin programmable microcontroller. It converts this tiny controller into a ham radio call sign generator that is suitable for rig and repeater use. All parameters like WPM, call sign, audio tone frequency and auto shutdown on low (rechargeable) battery can be changed to suit.