ECO Power Project - Wind turbine generator for CO2 neutral computing.

Project start: Getting all the materials needed to engineer a wind turbine. The basics are copper wire and magnets and a system to harness the energy in wind. The purpose of this project is to create a power source that will allow me to run my (micro)computer systems 24/7 off the grid.

Materials for the molds

Discarded wooden packaging: ideal for making molds.

Discarded wooden packaging: ideal for making molds.

Mold crafting tools

Mold crafting tools

Tools form drawing the molds.

Magnet Mounts

Mold diagram for the magnetic disks

Marking the mold intended to create the magnetic disks.

Stator mold diagram

Stator base template diagram

Marking the copper coil segments on the stator base.

Copper Wire

1.6 mm insulated copper wire.

3m of 1.6 mm insulated copper wire.


Neodymium Magnets

24 powerful (dangerous) neodymium magnets.

Current Status: Investigating the best and most cost effective rotation base for the generator. Presently under consideration is the rear wheel hub of a small front-wheel drive vehicle. I'll be a regular at the scrap heap for a while....