"API QR Code Generator to create and embed real-time on demand QR codes into any application or website."

API QR Codes

puzzle pieceAn application programming interface (API) which allows you to send requests to create qr codes and returns a png image version of the QR code.

Requests are made using simple HTML requests and if successful will return raw image data.

Generation Key

keyIn order to prevent abuse we require a 'key' to be sent with each request, failing this, we return psychedelic qr code images of our creative choosing.

Generation keys are issued for free and are subject to terms and services.

Get your free QR Code API key here.


apiNeed assistance implementing the API in your website or application, our blog article 'QR Code API' explains how to use it with working examples.

An on-line working example is available on the 'QR Code API Key Generator' page as well.

Simple javascript API implementation for embedding QR codes in web pages


informationThis API service is intended for non-commercial testing, personal and educational use.

Your generation key we send you via email is also valid for use with:

QR Code API Implementation examples

Please do not use this API for commercial implementations without confirmed consent. Replace the (keystring) in the examples below with your free API key obtainable here.

cont=(your text message)

Instructs the API to treat the content as simple text and encode it into a QR code. Note: maximum length = 100 characters.

num=(telephone number to dial)

Instructs the API to look for the variable 'num' and encodes the contents as direct dialing to the given telephone number. Tip: Do not use spaces or punctuation and for international use add the country code.
Example +31 (0)6 130 33 743 should be supplied as 0031613033743.

num=(number to send to)
mes=(message to send)

Short Message Service or Texting command takes two variables. The smartphone number to send to, and a short text message that will be sent.

ssid=(wifi router name)
pw=(password of router)
nt=(encryption type) : default = none.

Create QR codes to enable direct access to WiFi routers without having to type in name, password and other security details. NOTE: this does not work on iPhones .

Ideal solution to allow guests and friends easy access to your WiFi network via their mobile and smartphones.

&Title=(Function Title)
&fn=(First namer)
&Email=(email address)
&Comp(Company name)&Adr1=(Address) (1-3)

Create on demand digital business card qr codes. 'fn', 'sn' and 'Tel' are compulsory, other address data is optional. Note: the more information you provide for the vCard qr code, the more complex and larger the QR code will get. Large and complex QR codes are harder to scan and require more print collateral real estate.

When it comes to QR codes for business cards, the rule of 'less is more' is good advice to follow as many smartphone have no idea of and do not register and save data like 'fax', 'department', 'function' and many other vCard parameters.

Advanced QR Code API commands


&fc=(html colour)
&bc=(html colour)

Manage QR code colours. 'fc' value determines the colour of the foreground, default black, and bc is for the background colour, default white. The colour must e specified as a HTML colour, like #000000.



Control the opacity or transparency of the foreground and background colours, fa = foreground alpha and ba = background alpha values. Numeric value between 0 and 254, where 0 = 100% transparent and 254 = solid colour with no transparency.

File Type


Specify what type of file to return. The API supports two bitmap and two qr code vector formats. Note: Transparency settings are not implemented for jpg file output.

Bitmap file types can be directly linked to image containers in web pages for real-time generation and display. For vector type qr codes we recommend the returned stream be saved to a file for further processing.