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Creating large format variable printing on demand products.

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Construction Site Banner Creator (Big Banner Maker)

Ability to large format banners and have these automatically created producing preflighted, ready to print PDF files. Making use of the 'canvas' element and allowing user interaction to scale and place images as well as edit text content and position. The result is a 1:1 scale recreation for digital printing on large format presses that matches the on-screen design exactly. Ideal as a iframe plug-in for any printing service wanting to offer dynamic banner creation, either vis predefined 'templates' (like this demo [age) or from a blank screen. Also can be used to create personal mouse mats, canvas prints and more...

Requirements are to enable users to upload images and logos, add company name and contact details and create a large format banner that can be attached to scaffolding at work and construction sites. The end result is a 2.4 x 1 meter banner for use outdoors.

This particular publication demo accepts image files in JPG, PNG, PDF and EPS formats.


CanvasCreate an easy to use canvas to allow web based users to create printable collateral. This can be achieved using predefined templates and editable areas similar to 'Print on demand' or start a completely new publication from a blank canvas.

The major difference between POD and Web-to-print is that web-to-print needs to operate form any computer system and any device, fro computers to tablets and from PC's to Mac's to Linux.

Device Independant Publishing


ProcessUsing modern technology enabling this publishing to operate irrespective of computer type or the screen size.

An environment is created that can load and host pre made templates or start with an empty publication with only the print width and height as boundaries.

Publishing Elements

It can place images from CMS and also allow users to upload images directly into the canvas for scaling and positioning

Text areas can be edited and new text areas added. Fonts, color, size and weight can be managed via template rules or left open to use as pleased.


FactoryThis is a lightweight all-round publication process that is easy to use and implement.

This web-to-print solution can interface directly with InDesign desktop version via scripting, InDesign server via XML, Quark Xpress, Word, basically any desktop publishing software with an API.

Implementing a SAAS model is even simpler via a styled 'iframe' on your website. Here the service is offered from a remote location while the user thinks it's your publishing system.
Uses can be:

  • Personalized Posters
  • Personalized Banners
  • Personalized Photo books
  • Personalized Mouse Mats

Print Production Considerations

When printing materials that have content (an image or color) that run to the edge of the material we need to take 'bleed' into account. Bleed is where the image or color runs off the page itself. This helps printers with minor deviations when trimming the product to size, else white line or stripes could appear at the edges. This banner generator has a bleed of 10cm due the large format of the end product leaving ample room for finishing deviations.

Computer screens and HTML color models are based on Red,Green and Blue colors (RGB), printers use a Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color model (CMYK) so selectable colors for text based on HTML RGB need to be converted to CMYK for printing.

Another (European) potential problem is fonts. Eastern European 'Helvetica' does not have the same character glyphs as Western European 'Helvetica' yet both fonts are called 'Helvetica'. The problem can arise that when the PDF is ripped (Raster image processed) it may use local cached font data instead of (re)processing the fonts in the PDF. The results are that there is no error, but the product does not look like what is represented in the PDF. To solve this problem this banner generator converts all fonts to outlines and thus avoiding this potential font problem.

Note: Printers cannot print all the colors in the RGB gamut and also the other way around. Colors are displayed differently on different types of screens. Color conversion no matter what gamut or compensations are applied are never 100% perfect. For this reason the PDF file itself is the print proof and should be viewed and checked before being approved for manufacturing, as there will be deviations. Color models embedded and used with uploaded PDF and EPS files will be maintained.

The creative online graphics front ends are part of a more diverse set of on-line publishing tools called 'Printmagix'. If you liked are article above you may also be interested in the interactive product and packaging visualization solutions.

Click on the images below to activate the interactive Printmagix 3D viewer.

If you're the owner of a print production company, copy shop or repro house, have a website and want more orders by offering your customers the ability to adapt existing documents, create new documents, proof them online and order, then contact me and I'll be glad to discuss the options and show you the benefits of online automated publishing solutions.

Other services and solutions that may interest you. The 'Printmagix' range of pre-production 3D visualization tools allowing users to have an interactive 360 deg of dynamic products or packaging before it is physically manufactured.

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