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Quarter Wave Antenna dimension calculator

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On-line antenna designer. Calculate the required dimensions for a quarter wave antenna construction for any given frequency.

Enter the required frequency in MHz and the antenna designer will calculate the dimensions of the elements as shown below.

Enter Frequency (MHz)

The quarter wave antenna is what I use as standard measurement to compare results for reception and transmission properties of other antenna designs. This antenna has no gain and requires a ground plane (reflection) to operate. All the elements of this antenna are the same length as stated, "1/4 wavelength". To achieve a matching impedance of 50 Ohm, the ground plane elements are bent down at an angle of 45 degrees and no matching stubs or balans are needed.

Of nearly all antenna designs, the 1/4 wave requires the most space making it difficult to place with other antennas on a mast. I guess you could see it as the spike on a x-mass tree.

Frequency calculations are based on radio waves traveling at the speed of light 299 792 458 meters per second.


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Quarter Wave Antenna 1090 MHz

BNC based UHF 1/4 wave

1090 MHz 1/4 wave Antenna

1/4 wave antenna

1/4 wave Antenna Prototype

1/4 wave prototype

1/4 Wave Antenna Design
Quarter wave antenna construction without soldering. My Aruba 1/4 wave antenna project